Welcome To Andover Meat, Inc.

Andover Meat. Originally owned by Wayne and Darline Anderson from 1981-1991, then sold to Mike and Allision Hasken who ran it for 12 years. It was then bought back by Wayne and Darline Anderson in Febuary of 2003. In January of 2007 it was sold to Derek and Nancy Dinning who are the current owners.

Andover Meat Inc. are proud members of the Iowa Cattlemans Association, and the Iowa Meat Processors Association. We are dedicated to the continuing growth of the meat processing industry. Dedicating ourselves to customer satisfaction, we have grown our business from a few customers in 1981 to thousands in 2009.

Our philosophy is "Treat your customers right and give them the best possible product and services and they will return." Customer Satisfaction is #1.

We are a small company with 4 fulltime employees.